15.03.2016 Android App for Rechnung+

Have you checked an Android app for Rechnung+.[more]

15.03.2016 Rechnung+ Update

We have finished migration to the new TYPO3 and new PHP version and a new database. Together with this change the new UI of Rechnung+ is live. There is no way to access the old Rechnung+ anymore.

08.12.2015 New Rechnung+ UI (beta version)

We are working on the complete redesign of Rechnung+ which did not happen since many years. Check the new UI, because our hosting provider will stop supporting the old PHP version which is required for the current Rechnung+. http://beta.rechnung-plus.de/[more]

20.10.2012 Automatically enter working time into Rechnung+ after doing git|hg commit

Programmers among you may now use the git-hg-rp script to automatically devise working time since the time they started working till the last commit and have it entered into Rechnung+ with just one line. More: https://github.com/spidgorny/git-hg-rp[more]

15.10.2012 Rechnung+ in Russian

В качестве эксперимента мы начали переводить Rechnung+ на русский. Мы надеемся что это сделает Rechnung+ более удобным для вас.[more]

12.06.2012 New Rechnung+ feature: provide PayPal payment on invoices

Rechnung+ invoices are missing the PayPal integration. It can be done in a couple of hours. Here’s how it will work.[more]

04.04.2012 Login problems fixed

If you experienced problems logging into Rechnung+ since this morning, I'm glad to inform that the problems are fixed now.[more]

27.02.2012 Android app for Rechnung+

Good news. Now you can track your time on the Android app tipcat and export it to Rechnung+. For details see below.[more]

24.02.2012 Performance improvements

Rechnung+ is now several times faster, especially on pages which show a lot of different projects. This number "0.125" on the screenshot is the server time in seconds (1/8th of a second) it took to generate the page. Sometimes, it was reaching 10 seconds in the past.

15.11.2011 Fixed print-preview in Chrome

Printing invoices is now possible in Chrome browser (Firefox has been always working). Just for your information.

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