25.11.2010 Showing and hiding project

As the time goes by more and more projects become completed and old. They don't need to be visible all the time everywhere.[more]

09.11.2010 See someone else's time-tracking

We will always keep looking for ways to make users of Rechnung+ happier using it and today I’ll introduce a new feature targeted at teams. Rechnung+ has been an individual time-tracking tool, but in some cases you may want to allow your clients or boss to access your time-tracking directly, without making an invoice.[more]

25.10.2010 How to make invoice for more than 20 work intervals?

In the current version of Rechnung+ it's not trivial to make invoices for more than one page of time intervals. When you select the times for the invoice on one page and switch the page, you previous selection is not remembered. Still there is a way to do it.[more]

15.02.2010 New feature: defining bugdet and seeing the progress

You may now define a budget for your projects (click on edit icon). Say you estimated the project will take you € 300.00 to complete. In the time tracking page you will see your budget and the current progress of your earnings displayed. Helps you control your time, isn't it?

17.01.2010 New Design (version 3) is online

In our constant attempts to make Rechnung+ more and more useful for you, we have implemented a new design. New vivid colors and show-white appearance accentuate our striving to perfection.

26.12.2009 Adding your logo to the invoices

You have asked and we have made it: you can upload your company logo and it will be shown on top of the invoice. Just go to the profile page and use the new "Photograph" field. P.S.: You still remember you can contact the developers and ask for any missing feature?

22.12.2009 New feature: tax percentage in many countries

The last barrier on the way of making Rechnung+ usable internationally has been removed. I mean the VAT tax percentage depends now on the country in your user profile. If the system doesn't know the VAT rate in your country, then please drop me a line and it will be fixed in a matter of minutes.

22.12.2009 New feature: industrial time format

This new feature means that you can enter a duration of your work as "1.5" hours instead of "01:30", which was the only option before.

28.06.2009 How to control the texts appearing on the invoice?

Time-tracking is easy, just enter the duration and what exactly you was doing. Generating invoice is... easy as well ;-) But there are several options how you can control the texts shown on the invoice. [Read on...][more]

21.06.2009 Specifying different currency per project

New feature again: you can specify a non-EURO currency for your project and everything related to the project will use it including the invoices you make. Don't forget: if you miss something in Rechnung+ - just let us know, this is the way the last two features were initiated.

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