21.06.2009 Different hourly rate on each day of the week

Now you can set different hourly rate on each day of the week. For example if you're working on the weekend you may specify a higher hourly rate.

04.06.2009 Video tutorial Rechnung+

We have posted our video tutorial about the first steps with Rechnung+. For novice users only: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0WCoeqmplc

04.06.2009 SSL is enabled on the server

SSL (https://) is now working on the server. During the registration and during logging-in your data will be transferred over secure connection so that nobody can intercept it.

17.02.2009 An (almost) complete list of online time-tracking tools.

If you're not convinced by the benefits of Rechnung+, feel free to see other great time-tracking and invoicing tools at http://www.timetrackingresources.com/.

17.01.2009 Making personal backups

If you're worrying about your data safety and our nightly DB backups are not enough for you - you can backup your complete data with just one click. The backup is saved with JSON format.[more]

17.01.2009 More detailed projects list

You can now define if your project invoices should or should not contain VAT calculated. Now the project list is also showing total project work duration/money as well as not yet billed duration/money.

07.10.2008 iPhone version is online.

We have made a reduced version of the Rechnung+ for iPhone users. It allows to see and add time-tracking data. We hope it will make your time-tracking even easier and faster - wherever you are.

13.09.2008 New Feature: Real-Time Time Tracking

From now on you can use the timer for precise tracking of your time. You would need to press the [Start] button and the timer will start ticking. Please the [Stop] button when you are finished with the task and enter the comment if you like. With total three clicks you can precisely track your working time.

10.09.2008 Pressemitteilung.

Eröffnung Rechnung+. Zeiterfassung für Freiberufler und Selbständige. Seit dem August 2008 bietet das Online-Tool „Rechnung+“ (www.rechnung-plus.de/) die Möglichkeit die Rechnungen schnell online zu stellen. Das kostenlose Tool wurde speziel für die Bedürfnisse der Freiberufler und Selbstständiger entwickelt. Einfach und bequem könnte die Zeiterfassung gemacht werden und dann in wenigen Minuten eine Rechnung für die erbrachte Leistungen gestellt werden. Clientdaten, Eigenedaten, Stundensatzhöhe sind einstellbar, erweiterte Statistik sorgt für besseren Überblick und Kontrolle. Das Tool ersätzt die lästige Stundenerfassungen in Excel und anschliessliche Rechnungstellung in Word und ist von überall, wo es einen Internetzugang gibt, zugängig. Einen Demozugang kann man bereits ohne Anmeldung ausprobieren.

28.08.2008 Overview page is extended with charts

The overview page is supposed to give you the most important information about your time-tracking. That's why we have extended it with data charts of the current month and week. See details on the screen-shot. [more]

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