27.02.2012 11:29 Age: 9 yrs

Android app for Rechnung+

Good news. Now you can track your time on the Android app tipcat and export it to Rechnung+. For details see below.

For inpatient here are some links:

tipcat on the market


Once you install tipcat you may start entering times. Every recorded duration is assigned one or more tags. Tags work like categorization labels and are an equivalent to projects in Rechnung+.

Before synchronizing entered time tracking in tipcat with Rechnung+ you need to setup a relationship between tags in tipcat and projects in Rechnung+. This is easy - start editing the project and enter a corresponding tipcat tag into the "Tags" field in square brackets(!). Multiple tags are supported, please separate with comma.

Repeat for more projects/tags. Inside tipcat enter your Rechnung+ login and password. That's all. Setup is ready.

To export today's tracking data just open options menu in tipcat and export to Rechnung+. To export previous days go to history ("Logged Dates") and open a context menu on any day.

This whole thing is working (I checked), but since it's pretty new we give it a beta status. Feel free to contact if something goes wrong.