20.10.2012 12:10 Age: 8 yrs

Automatically enter working time into Rechnung+ after doing git|hg commit

Programmers among you may now use the git-hg-rp script to automatically devise working time since the time they started working till the last commit and have it entered into Rechnung+ with just one line. More: https://github.com/spidgorny/git-hg-rp

Usage is simple. Enter your Rechnung+ login/password into a config file so it's able to connect to Rechnung+ (authentication is done with Digest Auth so your password is not transferred). Create or edit a project in Rechnung+ which will receive the working data. Enter the tag which corresponds to your project folder. Execute "php git-hg-rp.php" every time after commit which will automatically push the commit message and corresponding duration into Rechnung+.


For more information with screenshots see https://github.com/spidgorny/git-hg-rp