28.06.2009 02:10 Age: 12 yrs

How to control the texts appearing on the invoice?

Time-tracking is easy, just enter the duration and what exactly you was doing. Generating invoice is... easy as well ;-) But there are several options how you can control the texts shown on the invoice. [Read on...]

You start making an invoice by checking one or more time-tracking records and then clicking on the [Make Bill] button.

This leads you to the “New Bill” form, which displays the summary of your selected time-tracking records. There you see the total time invoiced, rate per hour and total amount of money (netto, tax, brutto). You may modify these values as you see fit.

But what’s interesting for us here is the comment field. This is the place where you define the text shown on the invoice. This is option one to define the invoice text.

Here’s how it will be shown on the invoice itself.

Option two: You may group your time-tracking by what we call “tickets”. Rechnung+ doesn’t care what exactly you enter into the ticket field of the time-tracking records, it may be the task name of the project, issue from the bug-tracking system, any part of the work you’re doing for the project. What’s important is that the time-tracking records with the same ticket are grouped together on the invoice and they are displayed one-by-one with their total time. To enable this option please choose the template with “ticket” in it’s name.

So the time-tracking with five different records will be shown as two tasks in the invoice.

As you may notice there are just two lines which correspond to the task entered into the “ticket” field of time-tracking record.

This is the way it works right now, but we’re open to your suggestions and ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we hope to make Rechnung+ the most convenient tool for you.