09.11.2010 19:22 Age: 10 yrs

See someone else's time-tracking

We will always keep looking for ways to make users of Rechnung+ happier using it and today I’ll introduce a new feature targeted at teams. Rechnung+ has been an individual time-tracking tool, but in some cases you may want to allow your clients or boss to access your time-tracking directly, without making an invoice.

So you want to give your project manager access to the specific project in Rechung+. Note that the access is granted per project, they won’t see other projects you’re doing. You only need to enter the e-mail address of the project manager into “Allow View Access” field in the project properties.

You may enter multiple e-mail addresses if you like. Save it and when your project manager log-in he will see that he can choose different user profiles in the time-tracking page: his own and yours.


That’s it. Project manager may want to export your time records and combine them with other people in the team to have a project progress (and budget) report.

Note that this is just a first step in making Rechnung+ suit the team time-tracking. Please let me know what should be step #2.